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Google Publishes New Report on the Opportunities of AI in Developing Regions


While the potential of generative AI has been discussed extensively over the past year, Google is now looking at AI from a different angle, in regards to how it will benefit developing regions.

As per Google:

AI stands to benefit people worldwide. This is especially true for developing countries across Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa where it can provide game-changing solutions to unique challenges they face — like poor infrastructure, youth unemployment, uneven access to education and health care, and food insecurity.

Which is interesting, because most of the considerations around AI have related to richer nations, which have the resources to be able to facilitate the extensive, and expensive, system requirements that power these systems.

Google’s looking to highlight the benefits of AI for emerging markets in a new report, which looks at how governments and international organizations can use AI to drive economic growth “through smart strategic investments and the right set of enabling policies”.

Google AI Sprinters report

Google’s 39-page “AI Sprinters” report provides a roadmap for effective AI development in emerging economies, though it could also be read as a long-winded explanation as to why governments in these regions should not resist technological change.

The extensive report outlines a range of potential outcomes and benefits of AI development, and the various factors at play that will influence such in each region.

Google AI Sprinters report

Of course, many of these considerations relate to Google’s own services, and how the company can partner with Governments to facilitate training, infrastructure, and more.

Indeed, Google’s not trying to hide the intention of the document:

“A week before the world’s financial leaders gather for the annual World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings, we’re calling on governments, international institutions and development agencies to make AI a core pillar of national development plans.”

So, really, it’s an outline of how Google can partner with these governments to facilitate advancement, though it is an interesting consideration, as to how AI will change the game in many respects, and could conversely see developing regions left out in the cold if they don’t keep up.

Which is not always a point of discussion. As technology continues to advance, so too does economic disparity, with the rich getting richer, effectively, through broader access to essential resources. That needs to be factored in, and Google’s right to raise this as a concern among international leaders.

If you’re interested, it is worth a look, with some valuable considerations for the next stage of digital development.

You can download Google’s “AI Sprinters” report here.

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