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Instagram Adds New Interactive Polaroid Frame for Coachella 2024

Instagram’s added a new Story sticker called “Frames” which “turns any photo into a Polaroid”, as part of an activation for Coachella 2024.

Instagram Coachella frame

As you can see in this example, the new option provides an alternative image style for your posts, which adds that retro Polaroid vibe within the app. Which you can actually get by using one of many similar overlay tools, on IG and in other apps, though this one does have a little more to it.

As you can see in the first frame above, IG has also added a “shake to reveal” functionality to enhance the experience. When you first see the image in a Story, it’ll appear with a gray overlay, and you’ll be prompted to shake it to clear away the fog, revealing the image.

That additional interaction makes for a more engaging experience, while it could also provide new options for those looking to create AR lenses and frames in the app.  

The new sticker is part of a collaboration with K-Pop girl band LE SSERAFIM, who are perfoming at Coachalla this week.

Instagram Coachella frame

It’s an interesting addition, and while its usage, and novelty, may be limited, it’s another creative way to use content tools to enhance connection.

Though I do also wonder how many people attending Coachella will actually be aware of what it’s referencing, in shaking old Polaroid pictures?

Polaroid filed for bankruptcy in 2001, which, I’m guessing, is before the majority of Coachella attendees were born. That’s not to say that people aren’t aware of what Polaroids are, but like ‘winding down’ a window, or ‘hanging up a phone’, the actual base logic behind these functions is probably foreign to a lot of youngsters.

It’s a fun activation either way. The new Frames option is now live on IG.   

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