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Instagram Confirms That Profile Notes are Coming to All Users

Instagram has confirmed that it will soon display Notes on user profiles, providing another way to use its conversation-prompting Notes option to spark more engagement.

Notes on IG profiles

As you can see in this example, Instagram’s profile Notes will provide another means to let people know what you’re up to, or what you’re thinking, while connections will also be able to leave Notes on friends’ profiles to prompt interaction.

Notes on profiles has been in testing for some time, with app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi sharing this image of the functionality in December last year.

Instagram profile Notes

Instagram has seemingly changed their approach from this early test, with IG noting that profile Notes will be displayed on profiles for only 24-hours. But conceptually, it’ll provide another means to spark discussion in the app, with friends able to leave Notes for you to read, while users will also be able to display their own Notes on their presence.

Instagram announced the update in its new “Double-Tap” newsletter, which will provide updates on new features and experiments in the app.

Along with profile notes, Instagram has also confirmed that its new “Cut Out” sticker option, which enables you to create stickers from entities in photos and videos, is now available to all users, while it’s also bringing Notes prompts to all users as well.

And while you may not think much of them, Notes have been a big winner in a key audience segment in the app, with teen users around 10x more likely to create a Note in the app, versus everyone else.

Given that TikTok has eaten into IG’s young audience appeal, that’s an important step, which is why Instagram’s looking to add them wherever it can.

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