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Instagram Rolls Out New Notes Features, Including Notes Likes

You may not use them, or understand why others would. But Instagram says that a heap of people, young people in particular, now use its in-stream Notes feature, which provides another way to spark conversations, in various areas of the app.

Which is why IG continues to add more Notes elements, and today, Instagram has announced a new series of Notes updates to expand their utility.

First off, Instagram’s adding “Notes Prompts”, which will enable users to initiate conversations in the app based on templated queries.

Instagram Notes prompts

As you can see in this example, Notes Prompts will enable you to spark conversations that friends and mutual friends can respond to. Which could be another way to drive more engagement in the app, by providing a simple query that others can engage with. 

Instagram will also now enable you to use @ mentions in Notes, to make more direct contact with your prompts.

Instagram Notes prompts

While it’s also adding Notes Likes, so that you can react to Notes without having to add your own thoughts.

To like a note, double tap the note or click the heart icon in the reply sheet.”

Instagram Notes prompts

These are simple updates, designed to help drive more engagement via Notes in the app, which, as noted, has proven to be a popular addition.

Indeed, Instagram reported last June that teen users, in particular, are around 10x more likely to create a Note in the app, and with IG keen to maintain connection with the youth however they can, it makes sense why we’re seeing so many Notes expansions and updates over time.

Instagram has already added music in Noteslooping videos, and Notes on profiles, while it’s also testing Notes on Reels and feed posts.

So while you may not use them, or even get their purpose, a lot of people apparently do, which is why Instagram continues to expand on Notes useability.

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