Israel Issues Travel Warnings Due to Rising Antisemitism Amid Gaza Conflict

The National Security Council updated travel warnings for numerous countries on Monday, citing the increasing global antisemitism amidst Israel’s conflict with the Hamas terror group in Gaza.

Western European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, along with South American nations like Argentina and Brazil, as well as Australia and Russia, have been elevated to Level 2. This recommends additional precautions for Israelis traveling to these destinations.

Several African countries, including South Africa and Eritrea, and central Asian nations such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, were raised to Level 3, suggesting the postponement of nonessential travel.

The National Security Council reiterated its advice for Israelis to reconsider all nonessential travel abroad. It also urged those who must travel overseas to avoid outward displays of their Jewish and Israeli identities.

The statement from the National Security Council mentioned increased efforts from Iran and its affiliates, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to target Israelis and Jews worldwide. It cited rising levels of incitement, attempted attacks, and antisemitism as additional reasons for the travel warnings.

Since the start of the conflict on October 7, Israel has faced intensified pressure internationally, with the United States among those criticizing its actions against the Hamas terror group in Gaza. The toll of the conflict has led to a surge in antisemitic incidents globally.

The National Security Council provided a color-coded map displaying alert levels for each country, ranging from Level 1 (no threat) to Level 4 (high threat), with a fifth level indicating a mixed threat in different areas of a country.

The council recommended Israelis to postpone travel, especially to countries with elevated alerts, including Arab and Middle Eastern nations, the north Caucasus region of Russia, Iran, and Muslim countries in Asia. It also advised against participating in protests and rallies abroad, emphasizing the need for vigilance at all times.

For a detailed list of travel alerts, individuals can refer to the National Security Council’s website.

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