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LinkedIn Adds Premium Video Ad Placement, More AI Ad Tools

LinkedIn’s adding a new ad placement option, in order to tap into rising video consumption in the app, while it’s also integrating more AI capabilities for putting together your ad creative.

First off, LinkedIn’s launching a new video sponsorship program called “The Wire,” which will enable brands to run in-stream video ads aligned with trusted publisher content.

LinkedIn Wire

As you can see in this example, brands will now be able to choose specific pre-roll placement with selected publishers, which could help to maximize and add credibility to your promotions.

As per LinkedIn:

“Knowing that U.S. viewers will spend 55 minutes more each day with digital video than with traditional TV, aligning your brand’s message to publisher content in a format that resonates with buyers will support memory recall when it’s time to buy.”

LinkedIn says that it’s partnering with a range of high-profile providers for the initiative, including Barron’s, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, MarketWatch, NBCUniversal, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance.

Who will each, presumably, be getting a cut from these promotions, which could also help LinkedIn enhance connection with these outlets, and strengthen their own ties with the platform.

It could be a good way to reach key audience segments, and with video uploads on LinkedIn increasing 45% year-over-year, it might also be a key path for tapping into emerging usage trends.

LinkedIn’s also adding more AI capabilities into its ad tools, via new elements for its fully automated “Accelerate” ad option.

First, LinkedIn’s adding Microsoft Designer into the Accelerate composer flow, which will enable marketers to use generative AI for their campaign creative.

To get started, just describe what you’d like to see or upload your own image. From there, Designer lets you choose from multiple options with varied imagery and text overlays, which you can further customize with your own logos and imagery.”

LinkedIn Designer integration

Accelerate already uses AI to generate your ad text, with Designer adding more automation into the process.

Which could be good, in facilitating more creative options. Though it does feel like you’re leaving a lot of control to the robots.

But if the results are good, maybe that’s a positive.

Marketers using Accelerate will also now be able to add targeting exclusions via company and third party lists, while it’s also adding more AI recommendations on how to refine and improve your ads.

So, aligning with the broader shift of LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft, LinkedIn is adding more AI, which will provide more capacity to utilize automation in your ad creation process.

And you’ll also have new premium placement options to consider, which could help to boost your messaging.

You can read more about LinkedIn’s latest ad updates here.

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