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LinkedIn’s Rolling Out Sponsored Newsletters

LinkedIn’s expanding its sponsored articles ad option to sponsored newsletters as well, providing another way for brands to generate leads from their LinkedIn content.

And with LinkedIn newsletters seeing significant growth in the app, it could be a valuable consideration to help get your branding in front of more people within your sector.

LinkedIn launched sponsored articles back in January, which enables brands to gate their posted content in the app.

LinkedIn sponsored post

Sponsored newsletters is essentially the same thing, with newsletters created by a company page also able to be gated in order to gather interested user info.

So now, if you’re creating a newsletter within the app, you can use that as a lead gen tool, providing more ways to both expand your reach, and generate more info for your future outreach.  

The extension of that, of course, would be sponsoring newsletters that already exist, and connecting with a broader audience by partnering with popular creators in the app to enhance your brand presence.

And that’s also coming soon.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Only newsletter articles authored by a company and part of an organic Company Page post can be sponsored. Member-authored newsletter articles can’t be sponsored but this capability will be available in a future release.” 

LinkedIn says that sponsored newsletters will be available in brand awareness and engagement campaigns, and can be created via the “Content Library” in Campaign Manager. Sponsored newsletters can also be boosted to maximize reach.

It could be a valuable consideration, especially given that LinkedIn’s seen a 47% increase in engagement with newsletters in the app over the past year. There are now more than 184,000 newsletters being published in the app, which also means that a lot of LinkedIn users are interested in receiving periodic updates from people and pages in the app.

Which could spell opportunity.

LinkedIn says that it’s rolling out sponsored newsletter articles over time, so if you don’t have access to the option yet, it’s coming soon.

You can learn more about how to set up a sponsored newsletter campaign here.

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