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Meta Adds New Insight and Targeting Options for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Meta has added a new audience insight and targeting option within its Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns which will enable you to target people that have shown an interest in your products or services, but have not yet made a purchase.

Advantage engaged audiences

As you can see in this example, posted by digital ads expert Jon Loomer, now, you can separate out engaged customers within your targeting, which will provide another option for optimizing your ad approach.

Meta defines engaged customers as “people who are aware of your business or interacted with your products or services, but have not made a purchase”. With this new setting, you’ll now be able to create a custom audience of these people, which will provide more opportunity to re-engage those who’ve shown at least some level of explicit interest.

You’ll also be able to segment these audiences in your Advantage+ campaign reporting, so that you can see how each group is responding to your ads.

That could help to optimize your copy for different groups, by understanding how each is engaging with your promotions. Maybe that’ll give you more impetus to test out new approaches and see how you can re-engage these people who’ve already registered some interest.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns have been a big winner for Meta, with many brands driving solid results from Meta’s automated targeting and presentation option. Indeed, according to Meta’s research, Advantage+ Shopping campaigns drive a +17% improvement in cost per acquisition on average, and a +32% increase in return on ad spend.  

It could be worth experimenting with, and this new option will provide more insight into how, exactly, your campaign is connecting with different audience segments.

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