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Meta’s Rolling Out Broadcast Channels to All Pages with Over 10k Followers

Meta’s expanding access to its Broadcast Channels feature, with all Facebook Pages that have more than 10k followers now able to create their own channel on Facebook and Messenger.

Meta first launched Broadcast Channels for Facebook and Messenger in October last year, after seeing success with its initial launch on IG. And now, it’s opening up the one-to-many chat option to even more Pages, while it’s also adding new elements.

Meta Broadcast Channels

As you can see in these examples, in addition to providing expanded access, Meta has also added:

  • The capacity to share your channel messages from Instagram to Facebook – Automatically share updates from your Instagram channel to your Facebook channel, providing another way to expand the reach of your messages
  • Early access to channel content – Channel managers can now also publish Facebook posts to channel members before they go live on your Page as an exclusive perk (while also giving you an opportunity to test posts before they go live more broadly)
  • Share to Stories – Creators and members can share channel content via Facebook stories with a dedicated sticker format

To be clear, creators on Instagram can also create a Broadcast Channel, but it’s not available to everyone as yet. This announcement relates to Broadcast Channels on Facebook and Messenger specifically. Meta also notes that all Professional Mode creators with more than 10k followers will also be able to create a Broadcast Channel “in the coming months”.

So is it worth creating a Broadcast Channel?

Well, with more conversations switching to messaging, it could provide another avenue for ongoing connection with your audience, via updates that are sent to their inbox.

Broadcast Channels can also be pinned within the “Featured” section at the top of your Page, while creators are also able to promote their Channel in-feed.

It aligns with usage trends, and Meta says that it’s been a popular option, so it could be worth considering if you have regular updates that you want to broadcast to your most dedicated fans.

You can learn more about Broadcast Channels here.

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