Netanyahu waiting to release hostages as election leverage

The protest for the release of the hostages gained momentum over the weekend, with stormy demonstrations held in numerous locations, including the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv and in front of the Knesset in Jerusalem.

On Monday morning, Danny Elgarat, the brother of Itzhak Elgarat, who was taken hostage in the Gaza Strip, strongly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of delaying the release of the hostages for political gain.

Elgarat stated, “This is not a protest, it is a struggle. We are fighting to get them back and will not remain silent. If it does not suit Netanyahu that these are his people, he should get a new country, a new people. What is he waiting for? That we come to Sara and say ‘thank you?’ It’s shameful that this is what we deal with.”

Later, Elgarat likened Netanyahu to the captain of the Titanic, lost at sea and making empty promises about defeating Hamas. He criticized Netanyahu’s apparent strategy of delaying the release of the hostages until closer to the end of his term, viewing it as a calculated move for political gain in the upcoming elections.

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