Nir Barkat Lodges Complaint with OECD Chief Regarding Turkey’s Unilateral Suspension of Trade with Israel

Economy Minister Nir Barkat has formally lodged a complaint with OECD chief Mathias Cormann, expressing deep concern over Turkey’s recent unilateral decision to suspend maritime trade with Israel.

Following Turkey’s abrupt announcement of a cessation of all exports and imports to and from Israel in response to the conflict in Gaza, Barkat met with Cormann to underscore the gravity of the situation. He asserted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s actions are driven by antisemitism and authoritarianism, violating established maritime trade regulations and disrupting global supply chains.

“We call upon the OECD to address Turkey’s egregious actions under Erdogan’s leadership, which not only contravene international trade norms but also pose a significant threat to the stability of the European economy,” Barkat emphasized. “It is imperative that Europe takes decisive measures to rein in Erdogan’s authoritarian tendencies.”

Barkat’s complaint highlights the urgent need for diplomatic intervention to mitigate the detrimental impact of Turkey’s unilateral trade suspension and uphold the principles of fair and lawful commerce on the global stage.

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