Performer of the Month – April 2024

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the April 2024 Performer of the Month poll.

The readers have spoken and the results are in! Station 19 fans have voted massively again for their 2 favorite actresses.

In first place and with 38.92% of the votes we have Stefania Spampinato who plays Carina DeLuca on Station 19. It should be said that Stefania Spampinato deserves double accolades for her work on episode 704. Not only did she act in a number of scenes in Trouble Man, but she also made her TV directorial debut on the episode. Stefania is able to seamlessly transition from an arguing wife, to romantic comedy, to heartfelt conversation with agility and grace. Stefania can convey so much depth with the lifting of an eyebrow or a slight hand gesture. Her artful and empathetic vision as a director has turned this episode into one of the most beloved episodes of the series run to date. (Source:@DevonOfNine)

In second place and with 28.15% of the votes we have Danielle Savre who’s portrayal of Station 19’s Maya Bishop makes her a fan favorite who can always count on many votes.The importance of Maya Bishop and Dr. Carina DeLuca to the LGBTQIA+ community cannot be overstated. Their journey from single bisexual women to committed wives and then finally to mothers has been deftly portrayed by Danielle Savre (Maya) and Stefania Spampinato (Carina). With Queer representation being steadily removed from mainstream TV, their characters make our community feel seen.
Danielle Savre brings Maya Bishop to life so realistically. Danielle doesn’t need dialogue to portray deep emotions as we watch them play across her face in the scenes where Maya argues with her wife. As this is a domestic capsule episode for the wives, we see later the gentle banter and the relaxed body language convey their love and respect. With the final emotional conversation as the wives pour out their fears, Danielle made you not only see but feel the emotion of the scene, with her delivery and a pause and nod of her head. Magic. (Source:@DevonOfNine)

In third place and with 14.58% of the votes we have George Rexstrew. Dead Boy Detectives is a great show for many reasons — and George Rexstrew’s performance as Edwin remains a highlight among them. His nuanced portrayal of this repressed, tortured boy who escaped Hell and is discovering friendship and love is at the same time comically cute and beautifully devastating. This, combined with the sparkling chemistry with everyone in the cast (especially with Jayden Revri, the actor behind the other “dead boy”), are the reasons behind his deserved victory as one of STV’s April 2024 Performers of the Month! Congrats, George! Here’s to hoping that DBD is renewed and Edwin continues gracing our TVs. (SpoilerTV writer lucas_dot)

Please join us in the comments and on social media in celebrating winner Stefania Spampinato as well as the incredible runner-ups. Stefania Spampinato has secured a place in the 2024 Performer of the Year competition that will take place at the end of January 2025. Please note that this means she will not be eligible to win again this year so place your future votes and nominations wisely.

Thank you for joining us this time and we hope to see you back at SpoilerTV next month for our Performer of the Month May 2024!

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