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Research Finds Snap Campaigns Are Particularly Effective for Movie and TV Promotions

Snapchat is a valuable partner for entertainment promotion, with Snap campaigns increasing audience interest in new TV shows and movies by a significant margin, according to new data from Snap and Samba TV.

Using Samba TV’s “tune in” reporting process, which examines how likely people are to watch a TV show, sporting event or movie after seeing relevant promotions, the data showed that those who saw entertainment ads on Snap had an 84% lift in tune-in intent, on average.

Snapchat Samba TV research

That doesn’t mean that all of these people did tune in, necessarily, but based on response to the ads they were shown, these users viewed the shows more favorably, and were more likely to try to watch.

Samba TV also found that Snapchat reaches a unique audience compared to TV promotions, with 79% of Snapchat impressions served to households not reached by TV ads. It also found that 1 in 3 tune-ins driven by Snapchat were from new viewers.

Snapchat Samba TV research

In combination, the data underlines the value of Snap for entertainment promotions, in reaching a whole new audience subset that may not be addressable in other forms.

Which, given Snap’s younger demographic, would more specifically point to younger audiences, so if you are looking to promote your TV show or movie to younger groups, Snap should clearly be a consideration for your campaigns.

Samba TV’s further analysis found that Snap campaigns leveraging multiple ad products were the most effective in driving response.

Snapchat Samba TV research

Essentially, Snapchat offers reach to an audience that’s increasingly disconnected from traditional TV, and can also deliver significant benefits in resonance, based on audience engagement.

An important consideration for entertainment brands.

You can read Snap’s full research overview here.

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