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Threads Releases API Documentation Ahead of Planned June Launch


Threads is getting closer to launching its API, which will enable third-party platforms to facilitate Threads posting and post scheduling, and could see a lot more brands posting to the Twitter-like app.

But that’s not all. Today, Threads has released the documentation for its upcoming API, while also announcing that post analytics will be another element included within its API functionality.

As per Threads:

We started by making it possible for people to authenticate, publish posts, and fetch their own content via the API. We recently added reply management capabilities, so that people can retrieve replies to their posts, set reply controls and hide or unhide specific replies. Insights are one of our top requested features for the API, so we are making it possible for people to fetch key metrics for their posts, including the number of likes or views.”

Meta also says that it’s working on webhooks to provide real-time notifications when certain events occur on the platform (like post replies), which will further add to the expanded Threads management functionality.

So soon, you’ll be able to fully manage your Threads presence via third-party social media management apps, which will make it easier to build a Threads community, and glean more insight into what resonates in the app.

Threads has been testing out its API with selected partners over the past six weeks, with Grabyo, Hootsuite, Social News Desk, Sprinklr, Sprout Social and Techmeme all taking part in the initial experiments. The plan, at present, is for the Threads API to be made fully accessible to all approved third-party providers by June, with Meta releasing its documentation today to help providers prepare for the launch.

Among the key notes from the initial overview:

  • Accounts are limited to 250 API-published posts within a 24-hour period
  • Accounts are limited to 1000 replies within a 24-hour period
  • JPEG and PNG image types are the officially supported formats for image posts
  • Video uploads are limited to 5 minutes
  • Text posts are limited to 500 characters

The release of the Threads API is a big step for the platform in facilitating more brand usage and engagement, and it could help to spark more engagement in the app, especially with analytics providing direct insight into performance.

And without paid ads to fall back on, brands will essentially have to lean on their analytics to learn what works, as opposed to boosting their posts to more users. The only path to Threads success, at present, is analysis and strategic refinement, which will be much easier with more tools at your fingertips.

You can check out the Threads API documentation here.

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