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TikTok Publishes Guide on Olympics and World Cup Tie-In Campaigns

The Olympics is coming up in just a few months time, and TikTok’s taking the opportunity to help marketers prepare their Olympic tie-in campaigns, with a new, 19-page “Summer of Sports” guide, designed to showcase the opportunities of the big event.

Though TikTok can’t actually mention the Olympics, or FIFA World Cup, within its guide, due to anomalies in the official rules of each. As such, TikTok refers to the “Summer Games” and “European Football Tournament” in its guidance.

But, for clarity, this is what they’re talking about, and the full guide, which you can download for yourself here (with email sign-up) includes a range of pointers to help you map out your event tie-in plans.

First off, the guide looks at how different communities align around major events, and how that relates to effective brand engagement.

TikTok Summer of Sports 2024

TikTok has shared this advice in previous guides, that brands should look to stick to their niche, while also playing in unexpected communities to help expand interest.

Which obviously relates to sports this time around, and the guide includes links to various case studies which showcase how brands have successfully connected to the broader Games conversation.

TikTok Summer of Sports 2024

There’s also an overview of key events of interest, based on the last Olympics, and when TikTok users are likely to tune in.

TikTok Summer of Sports 2024

While there are also explainers and overviews of how to connect more specifically around sports engagement.

TikTok Summer of Sports 2024

There’s some good stuff in here, with advice that extends beyond sports tie-ins, including specific notes on what works best in TikTok promotions.

TikTok Summer of Sports 2024

There are also calendar overviews of when to activate your tie-in campaigns, and a heap of more specific insights into how, exactly, to structure your approach to connect with sports viewers.

It’s worth a look, you can download the full guide for yourself (with email sign-up) here.

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