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TikTok Shares Insights Into Upcoming Shopping Trends

TikTok may be on its way out of the U.S. (potentially), but it’s not gone just yet, and with over a billion active users, it’s still a valuable channel for marketing, and connecting with prospective shoppers via promotions.

And with the holiday push coming up, now is the time to start mapping out your strategy, and TikTok has published a new guide to help show you the way, with a range of trend notes, tips, and insights in its latest 12-page guide.

You can download the guide for yourself here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key elements.

First off, the guide provides an overview of key discovery trends in the app, and how that shifts during the summer months.

TikTok Summer Shopping Guide

And while it may be cutting it fine, it’s also got an overview of July 4th insights and tips:

TikTok Summer Shopping Guide

TikTok’s also provided data on trends around Prime Day, back to school, and more, so you can align your marketing with upcoming shifts.

There are also creative best practice notes, and a detailed overview of how to set-up an effective strategy.

TikTok Summer Shopping Guide

There’s not a heap to it overall, as it’s only 12 pages. Yet, even so, with a range of pointers on key upcoming shopping trends, it may well be worth checking out if you need to update your TikTok marketing approach.

And if you’re looking to tap into any of these trends specifically, it’s worth a look.

You can download TikTok’s “Driving Summer Sales” guide here.

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