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TikTok Updates Option To Download Clips Without Watermark

TikTok’s added another element to its option that enables creators to download their videos without a TikTok watermark, which makes it easier to repurpose your short form video clips in other apps.

TikTok post to save

As you can see in this screenshot, shared by Jonah Manzano, now, TikTok is prompting users to either save their video with a watermark, or “post to save without watermark” when you tap on the “Save” option within the upload flow.

So essentially, TikTok will let you repost your video to other apps, but you’ll need to share it to TikTok first. That ensures that TikTok gets more content, while still enabling users to share the same in other apps.

Because if you upload a clip with a watermark on Instagram or Snapchat, it’ll get restricted. YouTube may also limit the same in Shorts, so if you are looking to re-post the same clip on other apps, you don’t want that watermark to be left visible.

TikTok has enabled users to download clips without a watermark since early this year, though it’s now added the post first requirement. That’ll restrict users who’ve been using TikTok’s editing tools to make their clips, but not uploading them to the app.

Though, really, you could have done this anyway, via CapCut, TikTok’s own video editing tool. But for users who aren’t utilizing other editing apps, this makes it a little easier for TikTok to ensure that the clips that originate from its app are uploaded to TikTok in the first place.

So rather than trying to find workarounds to remove platform logos, TikTok’s making it a little easier, while still also protecting its own interests.

You can find the new save without watermark option in the Save menu in the latest version of the app.    

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