Wireless Clip-On Microphone 2-Pack Only $17.99 Shipped on Amazon (Perfect for Content Creators!)

woman recording video of herself using iphone and clip-on microphone

Check 1, check 2, we have a deal for you!🎤

For a limited time, head over to Amazon where you can snag a sweet deal on these macvor Wireless Lavalier Microphones when you use the promo codes below!

If you or your teens like to create TikTok videos or live stream online, these small microphones are perfect for capturing your voice further away from your phone.

Choose from these deals…

hand holding a set of clip-on microphones and receiver in black charging case

Includes a set of 2 clip-on microphones and a 2-in-1 receiver that is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. Just plug the receiver into your phone and it will pair with the microphones automatically – easy peasy!

The microphones offer noise reduction technology to help cut out background noises and you’ll get up to 40 hours of battery life when combined with the charging case.

set of clip-on microphones, receiver, and charging cord on counter

This set includes 2 clip-on microphones and a 3-in-1 receiver that is compatible with iPhone, Android, and 3.5mm ports in computers and cameras. The microphones can pick up audio from up to 393ft away and offer noise reduction technology to remove any interference and background sounds.

They offer up to 7 hours of battery life and they’re super simple to pair – just plug the receiver into your device and you’re ready to start recording!

woman filming makeup video using ring light and camera

Check out how people are using these microphones…

I bought this for these short videos we’d make at work. We were filming outside so it was hard for my phone’s mic to pick up their voice clearly. This did the job and isn’t noticeable in the clips. The audio quality is good and there is little to no background noise.

Works great! It’s very loud. We make Garden tour videos so this is so nice to have a compact microphone where we can still record audio from a distance. Works with iPhone, Google Pixel, and MacBook Pro.

My daughter recently got into posting videos on social media, this was the exact thing she needed! The sound quality is amazing despite it being so small. I was doubtful it would produce great quality because of the low price, but I was pleasantly surprised!

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