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X Enables Passkey Access for All iOS Users Globally


After enabling Passkey access for U.S.-based users on iOS back in January, X (formerly Twitter) has now announced that all iOS users globally can switch on Passkey login.

Passkeys enable fingerprint and face ID login, and utilize cryptographic data transfer to facilitate access. That means that your actual login info remains on your device, providing a more secure process for accessing the app.

Indeed, many cybersecurity experts are now recommending that social platforms support Passkey access. TikTok added Passkey support last July, while LinkedIn is also rolling out the same.

And it could be even more valuable on X, which removed SMS two-factor authentication for non-paying users last February. X Premium subscribers can still use it, but as part of its cost-cutting drive, X decided to get rid of it as a security option for all users, which will reportedly save the business around $60 million in annual SMS costs.

Users can also download an alternative authenticator app for the same purpose, but having Passkey access as an in-built alternative could be a valuable consideration for those who no longer have 2FA enabled.

It’s a worthy consideration either way, and it could provide more security for your X account.

You can learn more about Passkeys on X here.

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