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X Highlights Advertising Opportunities Around the 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics will begin in 29 days, and X is taking the opportunity to showcase its potential for brand tie-ins around the event.

Based on historical data, and the rise in broader sports discussion in the app, X says that it will be hosting more Olympics discussion than ever, which could be a great opportunity for marketers to connect with this engaged audience.

As per X:

The most iconic sporting event in the world is set to begin on July 26th: the 2024 Paris Olympics. And, if recent sporting events conversation tells us one thing, there’s no substitute for X in real-time moments that matter. All signs point to the most monumental yet on X.

X Olympic Games

X says that 6 in 10 sports fans use X, “which is 20% more sports fans than other platforms”. Though the logic of that is a little fuzzy when you consider that Facebook, for example, has around 6x as many users.

What X means is that it has a higher percentage of sports fans among its user base, and there definitely is a heap of embedded sports communities on X that are still tied to the app for live, in-the-moment discussion of sports events.

Which is X’s key strength. While the app, overall, hasn’t seen any user growth in some time (according to X’s own stats), it remains a key connector for live events, with sports, in particular, remaining a popular discussion topic. And that will see X in a strong position for the Olympics, and helping people keep up with the daily happenings at the Games.

X Olympic Games

X is particularly keen to highlight its evolving video ad offerings, with 4 out of 5 user sessions in the app now including video consumption.

“One of the most powerful ways for brands to create a more interactive and memorable video viewing experience for fans is through X’s premium video offering, Amplify, which enables brands to run pre-roll video against official, brand safe content from official broadcasters around the world including NBCU & CBS Sports (US), GOAL and Hearst (UK/EMEA), RMC Sport, French Television (FR), BeinSport (MENA), Globo (BR), Televisa (MX), Dentsu (JP), Nine Network (AU).”

Depending on your audience and offering, this could be a valuable consideration, and there are definitely some valuable points of note in X’s data insights.

So, should you use X ads? There are various considerations within this, of course, and many brands are still hesitant to pay for promotions in the app, given its changing approach to moderation, and the divisive stances taken by its high-profile owner.  

Really, it comes down to your own brand strategy, and what you feel is best for your business. And if your audience is active in the app, it’s likely worth considering, and as X continues to change its ad delivery systems, there may be new opportunities in its offerings.

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