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YouTube Expands Channel @Handles to 75 Languages

After rolling out @handles for channels back in 2022, YouTube is now expanding them to more languages, so that creators in more regions can utilize their short channel listing.

YouTube Channel handles

As you can see in this image, YouTube’s @handles will now be made available in 75 languages, providing another way to promote your channel.

As per YouTube:

Creators and viewers will be able to customize their unique handle in their preferred language. Handles are displayed across YouTube, on Shorts, and in comments, so be sure to select a handle in your preferred language that you’re comfortable with as your public identity.”

Your @handle is unique to your channel (unlike Channel names), and will directly connect people to your content, like it does on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Your handle also functions as a unique channel URL, providing another branding opportunity.

The expansion to more languages will help creators in more regions create a more specific presence, and utilize @handles that better align with their audience.

On another front, YouTube’s also added a new element to YouTube Studio to make it easier to access key insights into shopping performance.

YouTube Shopping Card

As you can see in this example, YouTube’s added a new listing of top products in channel stores, along with a link to its “Shopping Hub” for further insight. Affiliate creators will be shown their latest results, as well as top affiliate deals in the display.

The info card will make it easier for channel managers to stay on top of product performance in the app, and see how their shopping elements are contributing to their YouTube performance.

The new shopping info display will be available to all creators with stores or enrolled in affiliate programs.

You can learn more about YouTube’s latest updates here.

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