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YouTube Expands Test of Chat Topic Sorting To Live Streams

After testing out AI summarized comment topics on regular uploads in the app, YouTube is now also trying out the same for live videos, with comments separated into topic groups during a stream.

As explained by YouTube:

To help you more quickly understand and participate in the exciting conversations that happen via YouTube live chat, we’re experimenting with AI-generated live chat summaries. If you’re in the experiment group, you’ll see a banner display at the top of the live chat when you join a live stream that’s accrued sufficient chat activity prior to you joining.”

So if a live stream has enough comment activity, YouTube will be able to use its AI sorting to separate the chat into subjects, making it easier for viewers to quickly get an understanding of the key element of focus, and jump into the discussion that they’re most interested in.

As noted, YouTube’s been testing the same on regular video uploads since November last year, which it also recently rolled out to Shorts with a significant number of comments as well.

YouTube comment summaries

It’s still in testing, so you may not be seeing it, but the idea is that by providing streamlined overviews of the key discussions attached to each clip, or broadcast, that’ll encourage more engagement, without viewers having to scroll through the entire chat stream manually.

Which, for live-streams, could be very valuable, as it’s pretty tough to scroll through the comments while watching in real time.

YouTube also notes that the feature offers benefit for creators, in that they can easily see what’s sparking the most discussion, which could help in their future content planning. YouTube also says that the feature has driven positive responses thus far, hence the new expansion.

It’s an interesting use of AI, and maybe, it could have broad benefit.

YouTube says that the experiment is rolling out “to a small percentage of viewers who join eligible live streams in English that have super active live chat conversations happening.”

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