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YouTube Launches 2024 ‘AdBlitz’ to Showcase Super Bowl Campaigns

With the 2024 Super Bowl fast approaching, YouTube has launched its AdBlitz hub, where all the Super Bowl ads will be displayed before, during, and after the big game.

YouTube AdBlitz 2024

YouTube’s AdBlitz, now in its 18th year, provides a showcase of all the Super Bowl ads, so that people can check out the creative approaches that top brands are taking to their campaigns.

And over time, YouTube has actually become a bigger source of Super Bowl ad viewership than during the game itself.

As per YouTube:

According to Comscore’s analysis, 88% of adults ages 18–49 saw a 2023 Super Bowl ad on YouTube, compared to the 68% who watched on linear TV. Connected TV, specifically, is increasingly emerging as a major player – Comscore also found that 29% of adults ages 18–34 who only saw a 2023 Super Bowl ad on YouTube, saw it on CTV.

Of course, that doesn’t account for the exposure value of having your promotion broadcast to the millions of people tuning into the game live, but it is interesting to note the rising role that YouTube now plays in boosting Super Bowl promotions, and extending the value of Super Bowl campaigns.

YouTube’s Ad Blitz for 2024 will include all of the campaigns sorted by category, including “Comedy Ads”, “Dramatic Ads”, “Inspirational Ads” etc.

Yes, Super Bowl ads are now separated by genre. And while it can sometimes feel like there’s a little too much hype about Super Bowl promotions, it is an interesting showcase of what the top ad creators are developing, which can influence coming trends, and inspire new approaches.

Which is the real value for marketers, in that these campaigns could provide guidance for your strategic thinking.

I mean, not all businesses can afford celebrity-led, high-end production like the top brands. But really, it’s all about the creative, and that angle could help you come up with new ways to boost your own promotions this year.

YouTube’s AdBlitz already has a heap of the campaigns for this year’s game on display, including teasers of larger campaigns to come.

Worth checking out – you can visit YouTube’s AdBlitz 2024 here.

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