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YouTube Tests New Audience Filters for its Video Retention Stats

YouTube’s testing an update within its viewer retention charts in YouTube Studio, which will soon enable creators to dig into how different segments of their audience are engaging with their content.

YouTube retention charts

As you can see in this example, shared by YouTube creator expert Mario Joos, creators will soon be able to examine viewer retention based on:

  • Subscribers and non-subscribers
  • New and returning viewers
  • Organic and paid traffic

That’ll provide more ways to understand specific audience behaviors, and how you’re engaging, say, those who come to your videos via paid promotions, or whether subscribers like certain clips more than non-subs, etc.

YouTube Creator Liaison Rene Ritchie has confirmed that YouTube is testing this new option with a limited number of creators before an expanded roll out soon.

It’s another handy analytics element from YouTube, which continues to refine its data tools, and provide more ways to analyze and assess the performance of your uploads.

Every other week, YouTube adds another data option, with a view to helping creators maximize their content, and tap into new opportunities.

This year alone, YouTube has added:

It’s also close to launching its new thumbnail A/B testing option, which will provide more data insights into comparative performance for your planning.

Retention audiences is yet another step in this direction, which could play a significant role in your strategy.  

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