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The much-anticipated second season of “Sullivan’s Crossing” kicked off tonight, ushering in a tidal wave of change following a finale that left us all on the edge of our seats. The premiere did not disappoint, revealing that life at Sullivan’s Crossing has been permanently altered by the events of last season. 

The opening scene was a heart stopper- Maggie, in a state of panic and heartbreak, rushed into the hospital to find her father recovering from his stroke. She apologized at his bedside and tension mounted as Lola, laying in wait at Sully’s bedside, attacked Maggie about her absence during Sully’s stroke. Meanwhile, Cal arrived seeking a moment to talk, but Maggie dismissed him, still upset that he left without saying goodbye. Cal asked Sully why Maggie was giving him the cold shoulder, and he revealed that Maggie never found his note and assumed he left without saying anything to her. 

“Guilt Trip” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Complicating matters, Sully’s doctor expressed concern to Maggie over her father’s worsening symptoms of agitation and memory loss, suspecting that something more may be going on. Maggie grappled with this as she struggled with her tumultuous feelings. She feels guilt for accepting the job in Boston and spoke with Frank about her feelings. He is always the perfect voice of calm and reason. He told her that when Maggie’s mother took her away from Sully, it destroyed him. Maggie shared how her anger just prior to Sully’s stroke has filled her with immense guilt, mirroring Frank’s own regrets about leaving Sully and travelling to Alberta despite knowing Sully was struggling.

In a heart to heart with Sydney, Maggie confided that she is pregnant and is contemplating getting back together with Andrew. She knows firsthand what it is like to grow up without a father, and she does not want that for her child. Sydney assured Maggie that she is strong enough to raise the baby on her own, but Maggie is always following her head instead of her heart and getting back together with the father of her child is the choice that makes the most sense, regardless of if it is what she truly wants or not. 

“Guilt Trip” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan and Tom Jackson as Frank Cranebear. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Adding to the immense pressure Maggie is already facing, her step-father, Walter, tried to force her to come back to Boston, stating that it is important for her to prioritize her career.

Cal finally cleared the air with Maggie, and was about to tell her that he wants to start a future with her, but before he could finish, she cut him off and told him that she is going back to Boston and likely reuniting with Andrew. While Cal expressed happiness for her choice, he was obviously hurt and confused by Maggie’s decision. Cal has finally put his past behind him and is ready to find love with Maggie, but unless she can find a way to follow her heart instead of doing what she perceives is right, they don’t stand a chance. 

In the episode’s final moments, a somber revelation unfolded as Sully’s doctor informed Maggie that he has Alzheimer’s disease. As if this news weren’t distressing enough, the doctor was urgently called to assist Sully. Rushing to see what happened, Maggie watched in horror as her father lay on the hospital floor, bleeding from a head injury. Amid the personal challenges faced by Sully and Maggie, Sullivan’s Crossing is still facing foreclosure. Frank and Edna noticed two men surveying the property. Upon inquiring about what they were doing, one of the men revealed that he owns the golf course across the lake and is interested in purchasing Sullivan’s Crossing. 

“Guilt Trip” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Maggie faces a tough decision: return to Boston to concentrate on her career and reunite with Andrew to raise their child, or remain at Sullivan’s Crossing to care for Sully and forget what she thinks is right and move forward with Cal instead. It is difficult to believe that Maggie would just abandon Sully in his time of need, especially with the fact that he could lose his legacy on top of everything else he is facing. Maggie is grappling with so many heavy issues and looming choices, and her tendency to base decisions on others feelings, rather than her own, complicates things. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for her to prioritize her own happiness. Hopefully she will come to see this and realize what is most important to her. 

The other narrative’s in tonight’s episode were also compelling. Frank and Edna discussed their trip to Alberta, which Edna revealed turned sour due to Frank’s standoffish behaviour toward his family, effectively ruining the vacation. Edna accused Frank of being stubborn and refusing to reconcile with his past. He was adamant that his behaviour was justified due to what his family put him through. It wasn’t revealed what this was just yet, but hopefully viewers will learn more about Frank’s past and what led him and Edna to the Crossing as the season progresses.

Meanwhile, Sydney’s new living arrangement with Rafe is proving to be uncomfortable. Although Rafe has promised to keep things platonic, his unresolved feelings for Sydney complicate things. Rob and Sydney’s relationship also remains strained and despite his efforts to make amends, she continues to be standoffish, clinging to her hurt feelings. The theme of reconciling with the past weaves through so many narratives including Sydney’s. Rob and Sydney need each other and the sooner she can come to terms with what occurred in New York, the sooner she can forgive Rob and work towards shaping her future. Elsewhere, Jackson and his father were touring universities across Canada, marking a new chapter as the divorce is now finalized.

 “Guilt Trip” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Lindura as Sydney Shandon and Dakota Taylor as Rafe Vadas. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

It is clear that this is going to be an intense season, filled with heartbreak and life-changing decisions. The writer’s excel at developing the characters’ arcs in a way that deeply resonates with viewers and engages them. Viewers genuinely care about the characters on the show and empathize with their experiences. In today’s TV landscape, it is rare for a show to capture the human experience in a genuine and relatable way and the team behind Sullivan’s Crossing should be commended for their ability to do this with every single episode. 

Waiting for the next episode will likely prove unbearable, am I right, Sullivan’s Crossing fans? How did you feel about the episode? What do you think Maggie will decide to do? Will Sully be able to come to terms with his diagnosis? Share your thoughts below and engage with me on X @middleofcanada.


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