Sullivan’s Crossing – Reunions – Review: Big Decisions and an Unexpected Visitor

Tonight’s episode of Sullivan’s Crossing delivered a drama-filled hour, packed with emotional revelations and pivotal decisions. Each character faced critical moments, leading to realizations about their circumstances and choices that prioritized their own happiness. From heartfelt conversations to unexpected confrontations, the episode explored the complexities of personal growth and the importance of following your heart. 

The episode began with Sully, Frank and Edna, discussing Maggie’s situation with Walter. Sully’s frustration over Andrew becoming the father of his grandchild was palpable, inadvertently revealing Maggie’s pregnancy to Frank and Edna. While Edna was overjoyed, Frank advised Sully to accept Andrew for the sake of Maggie and her baby, leading to a poignant moment of realization for Sully. 

Maggie encountered Phoebe at Sully’s house, where they reminisced over old photos. Phoebe shared her past experiences, including her strict father and the liberating feeling she had when she first met Sully. Their conversation deepened as Phoebe revealed her struggles with missing city life and Sully’s descent into drinking. Maggie, in turn, opened up about her uncertainties regarding her career. She is beginning to feel like she got into neurosurgery to please Walter, not because it was something she wanted for herself. This was a huge realization for Maggie, but not surprising. Maggie had been grappling with her career choice for a while, and after her talks with Cal where he told her she should do what makes her happy, it was clear that neurosurgery wasn’t it. 

“Reunions” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan and Andrea Menard as Edna Cranebear. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

As Sydney prepared to leave for New York, she went to Sully’s to say goodbye to Maggie. Maggie updated Sydney on the recent developments, including Andrew’s kiss and Cal’s lingering influence. Sydney’s encouragement for Maggie to hear Cal out added another layer to Maggie’s internal conflict. Andrew’s attempt to control Maggie, even down to her coffee intake, created palpable tension with Sydney and highlighted his overbearing nature. Maggie’s farewell to Sydney added a bittersweet note to the episode. Reconnecting with Sydney was exactly what Maggie needed. In Boston, she didn’t have any true friends, but Sydney provided the support she needed. She was someone Maggie could confide in, share good times with, and count on for honesty, not just comfort. Hopefully, Sydney will have her own epiphany about what she wants in life and return to the Crossing. This can’t be the last we see of her. 

Rob’s storyline introduced a new complication as he woke up next to Jane, the softball mom, after a night out. His awkward and distant behavior towards her, despite her eagerness for a deeper connection, highlighted the torment he was feeling about moving on from his wife. He later confided in Cal about what happened, and as always, Cal gave him words of advice. He told Rob that his wife would have wanted him to be happy. Rob does deserve happiness, he just needs to let go of his guilt and allow Jane in. She could be exactly what he and Finn need. 

“Reunions” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Reid Price as Rob Shandon and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Edna provided a heartwarming moment as she shared her excitement over Maggie’s pregnancy and offered sage advice about following her heart. Edna wants Maggie to be happy, and she knows that she will be with Cal. Edna’s interactions with Phoebe also revealed a softer, more forgiving side as the two worked through their past and established a renewed friendship. Phoebe began the season with a notably standoffish attitude. However, as the episodes this season have progressed, it became evident that her guarded demeanour was a result of Walter’s influence. The complexities of her relationship with Walter shaped her behaviour, making her wary and reserved. As she starts to open up and share her story, viewers see a more vulnerable and relatable side of Phoebe. 

Sully’s business dealings with Glenn from the golf course brought a hint of skepticism as they negotiated ownership stakes. They struck a deal with Glenn, offering him 30% of The Crossing. Sully’s excitement was tempered by Frank’s cautious approach, hinting at potential trouble ahead. Meanwhile, Maggie’s request for Sully to give Andrew a chance spurred Sully to back down and put aside his hatred for Andrew, something that is not easy for Sully to do. In an attempt to support Maggie, he offered to teach Andrew how to fish. During the fishing trip, Phoebe apologized to Maggie for keeping her away from the Crossing, admitting her mistakes and emphasizing that her intentions were always for Maggie’s benefit. Meanwhile, Andrew remained abrupt with Sully, who suggested they find a way to get along, but Andrew deflected the responsibility back onto Sully. Andrew’s abrasive behaviour towards Sully and the Crossing upset Maggie, and his insistence on returning to Boston and his assumption about Maggie giving up her career to be a mother full-time, finally pushed her over the edge. 

Andrew apologized to Maggie for not understanding why she was upset. Maggie revealed she wanted to return to work after the baby was born because helping people made her happy, which was essential for her to be a good mother. Andrew realized they were no longer on the same page. Maggie explained it wasn’t about Cal, but about her finding herself again. She decided she didn’t want to be with Andrew anymore and wanted to handle the pregnancy alone, assuring him he’d always be part of the baby’s life. Andrew decided to return to Boston. This was a major step for Maggie, putting herself first and following her heart for the first time. She cried out of relief mixed with a bit of fear about what the future held. Maggie had always done what she thought was right, never following her heart. Realizing she didn’t have to settle for Andrew was a huge moment for her. 

“Reunions” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan and Allan Hawco as Andrew. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved. 

Meanwhile, Cal’s sister, Sedona, arrived unexpectedly, introducing a subplot filled with mystery and concern. Though she told Cal she came because the family was worried about him, it became clear that there was more to her visit. Cal took her to the Shandon’s, where they ran into Lola. She asked Cal about her case, but he said that he couldn’t help due to lack of evidence or witnesses. Sedona, a therapist, advised Lola to revisit the accident scene to trigger repressed memories. This is definitely foreshadowing what is to come. Visiting the site of the accident after all these years, is sure to trigger memories of the accident. It is only a matter of time before she remembers it was Sully that hit her. Hopefully he comes clean with her first, before she finds out. 

Later, Sedona suffered from what was believed to be a migraine, until things took a distressing turn. She insisted she could hear children screaming outside, though Cal told her there were no children out there. Agitated and upset, she eventually calmed down. Cal revealed he spoke with her husband and learned she left abruptly without telling him or her kids. Suspecting something was wrong, Cal confronted Sedona, but she became defensive and wouldn’t admit to anything.
Things took an even darker turn at the Outpost after Maggie told Sully about breaking up with Andrew. Cal and Sedona arrived to get the key to her cabin, but Sedona suddenly passed out and had a seizure. Maggie assisted her while Cal’s eyes clouded over in fear. Sedona is definitely dealing with some sort of illness. Hopefully Maggie can assist Sedona and it is something that is not life threatening. 

“Reunions” – SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Meghan Ory as Sedona Jones and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Connie and Alysa’s storyline provided a touching exploration of Connie’s struggle with her sexuality and the societal pressures she faced. Alysa’s understanding and kindness offered a glimmer of hope and acceptance, showcasing the show’s commitment to addressing diverse and relatable issues. 

Overall, this episode of Sullivan’s Crossing delivered a fulfilling hour of interwoven stories, each adding depth and complexity to the characters’ journeys. From heartfelt confessions and new beginnings to unresolved tensions and potential pitfalls, the episode kept viewers engaged and eager for more. Your turn, Sullivan’s Crossing fans! What are your thoughts on the episode? Were you happy that Maggie finally broke it off with Andrew? What will it take for her to finally let Cal in? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and find me on Twitter (X) at @middleofcanada.


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