The Polterguest Review : Alberta Gets Her Groove Back

It is an episode full of guest stars; Lamorne Morris from New Girl guest stars as Saul, a poltergeist tethered to one person, Gene, played by Geoffrey Owens from The Cosby Show. When Saul was living he was a famous baseball player during Alberta’s time. At first she does not recognize him until he says his name, then it hits her that he played for the Delaware team, which is weird because he is in his baseball uniform. I will forgive that faux pas as this episode is entertaining and so far this season has been off. 

Alberta and Saul immediately begin flirting with one another much to Pete’s chagrin. They spend a romantic night together and well lets just say, Alberta was humming so loudly that Gene complained about it at checkout the next day. As they say their goodbyes, Saul informs Alberta that he can tether himself to someone else and decides to tether himself to Jay so he can stay at the Mansion. 

“The Polterguest” – GHOSTS, Pictured: Danielle Pinnock as Alberta Haynes and Lamorne Morris as Saul. Gaye Ann Bruno/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

That night as Alberta and Saul wish to get intimate, they ask Sam to leave. While Sam is sympathetic to Alberta’s plight of having been alone for so long, Jay is none too happy which causes another conflict between Jay and Sam because of the ghosts. Sam is always putting the needs of the ghosts ahead of her relationship with Jay and I am sure this will eventually become an ultimatum in their marriage. 

Meanwhile, it is time for Isaac’s and Nigel’s bachelor parties. Trevor introduces them to the idea of strippers. During Nigel’s party his ex Jenkins gives him a lap dance in a hysterical scene. The next day Pete, Trevor, Thor and Hetty ponder whether to tell Issac what happened. They decide not to because what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party, but Pete lets it slip as soon as Isaac enters the room. Issac questions Nigel, who suggests he has his own lap dance at his party. Isaac asks Sam to hire a real stripper per Trevor’s suggestion and she agrees, having been caught on a “good week.” 

The stripper shows up and does not care that he is stripping to an empty chair as long as he is getting paid. He starts dancing to “Candy Shop” by rapper 50 Cent and even Thor is impressed with his pecks. The stripper notices Isaac’s stuffed dinosaur that was left by a kid and the stripper knows his dino facts which sends Issac into a frenzy. Honestly, his new obsession with dinosaurs is hysterical; he even wants the theme to Jurassic Park to be played at the wedding. The stripper starts acting like a dinosaur and Isaac is beside himself. This has to be the best scene of the episode; it brings the laughs for sure. 

“The Polterguest” – GHOSTS, Pictured: Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac Higgintoot. Gaye Ann Bruno/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Jay and Sam try to get Saul to tether himself (or jerk off as ghosts call it) to something else much to Alberta’s anger. Saul starts calling Alberta pet names, she thinks that’s a little soon seeing how it has only been two days. Saul advises that they are the real deal and will be together forever, long after Jay dies as he will tether himself to someone else. Alberta is not really feeling Saul at this point. 

Nigel and Isaac are discussing his bachelor party as harmless fun, but Issac cannot stop thinking about the stripper. There is trouble in paradise for all our happy couples as Alberta breaks up with Saul for being too clingy, something that Saul has heard before. What breaks the awkwardness of the scene and provides some comic relief, is the fact that Jay cannot leave and Sam is not there to tell him if Alberta and Saul are finished speaking. Saul is always tethered because he was clingy as a living so these conversations are nothing new. He would rather be tethered to Gene because he went places and Jay visited Sonic three times in one week. For shame Jay, you are a chef. 

Jay travels to Philly to visit Gene as he is with his patient to “return an umbrella” and hugs him even though Saul had already tethered himself back to Gene. Back at home and alone, Sam tells Jay how everything that happened with Alberta has her realizing how lucky they are to have found one another. Jay wants to put on the sexy playlist but Sam has another idea and plays “Candy Shop.” It is great to see Sam and Jay happy by the end of the episode but I do believe they will have to address the 8 elephants in the room that keep coming in between their marriage. 

This episode felt like a return to what made us fall in love with the show. It could have been the addition of Lamorne Morris this week; he is known to bring the funny or the fact that Carol was missing from the episode. We still have not seen Pete and Carol’s daughter’s reaction to both of her parents dying at Woodstone. Isaac carried the B story this week. Brandon Scott Jones facial expressions always garner a reaction. I would have liked to see more of a jealous Pete this episode. He should have been in Alberta’s story more. I can forgive that because this was the first time this season that I laughed out loud and to top it off Flower is back next week! 

So what did you think Ghosts fans? Is the funny back? What would like to happen with Pete and Alberta? Leave a comment and follow me on X @lovesprina to chat!

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